About K10

We are an interconnected community where work, inspiration and experiences function as one.

We perceive coworking differently and aren't content with just sitting in the same space. We are here for those who want to  share ideas, experiences and collaborate in the very best conditions.




Meet K10 co-founder teams:

STORYTLRS - We are a full-service agency working on big complex projects with several agencies present at the same time. At last, we have a possibility to share our space with everyone who is collaborating with us. And we don't care if they are “ours” or “our friends”. We simply cowork.

APPMINE - We create the maximum for your business. That’s our motto. And the same applies for K10. It’s all about inspiring, mentoring, sharing ideas among all of these professionals under one roof. Do you need to boost your project? Join us.

INSPIRUM - Our priority is the technical quality of performance that is suited to our advanced, internal QA process. We want to offer the maximum quality of services to our clients and in order to achieve it, we require a technical background that complies with our high demands. K10 offers all of that and much more, and that's why it is our first choice.

ZEERAT - As a software company with tools for web optimization, we require everyday contact with our users and constant feedback for verification of concepts and distribution partners. K10 enables that through the organised events with people from online businesses in a beautiful space of a Prague-located villa.

THE ELEMENT - We stick to the principle that our campaigns should generate meaningful experiences. We think experiences are the most important contact point between the brand and the young consumer. We want to become a platform where big players meet young, creative individuals who can come up with the freshest solutions. We believe we can meet these people in K10.

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